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I feel fine

It takes awhile, but Allison finally convinces you to sit up. First you rolled over on your back and stared up at the sky, so full of the starless moonless dark, and then at Allison’s shadowed face, searching for an expression your aching head could comprehend, something understanding, sympathetic, and loving. You finger your lower … Continue reading

Shell games

When Isaiah finally drifted back toward the car, Kevin asked about Jodie’s suicide attempt, how long ago it had been, what he had done. Because Jodie didn’t seem like the type of person who would do that, he said. He seemed happy. Was it over something with Danielle? Isaiah shook his head. His brow was … Continue reading

We were all friends

I don’t know. Maybe I was too friendly. Led him on so that he got the wrong idea about us. All of this stuff—dating, love, doing the right thing—it’s so hard when you’re young. Feels impossible sometimes. I liked Kevin. He was my best friend. But I just didn’t like him in that romantic kind … Continue reading

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