The Flesh and the Blood

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Hang on to each other

He was dead probably before the ambulance arrived at the hospital. I stood at the window in my bedroom, peering down the street where, on an otherwise quiet morning, two cop cars, a fire truck, and an ambulance from a local volunteer squad—as well as a quaint red Chevy truck from the same squad—were parked. … Continue reading

Geniuses, pt. 2

It was a little past five, and we were halfway home. For the last hour the most intense shade of gold had blued and blued itself down, and now outside our windows the land was metal. The sky had shrunk to a ribbon of warm color between the blackness of the horizon and outer space. … Continue reading

Geniuses, pt. 1

Mom’s body tensed. Her hands were paralyzed against her chest at weird right angles, flat as paddles, as if suddenly she had gone into seizure. Hurr, she drooled, durr-hurrggh-durr. DURR! I grinned and laughed softly, not wanting her to know she’d gotten me to smile. But she continued and soon it was too much, I … Continue reading

Degrees removed

DEGREES REMOVED It was late Sunday evening when I finally left CF’s house. The sun had fallen an hour earlier and taken the warm weather down with it, to the point that hanging out on the front porch I could almost see my breath. The air smelled damp and of wood smoke, of old fires … Continue reading

Public nudity

BERGAN FOR MERCY “I had a coat like that,” said my elevator companion, once the doors slid shut and we began to ascend the floors of Bergan Mercy Medical. “Big and puffy one just like that. Looks warm.” “Cold outside,” I muttered. He was an older gentleman, dressed smartly in tan slacks and a checkered … Continue reading

Brief history of a loser

DRUGSTORE DREAMIN’ It’s hard to speak for anyone else. I only know what is pressing for me, and the pressing issue lately, at least since the beginning of the new year, has been depression—a depression at times so severe I’ve been suicidal. I try to be careful when talking about suicide. It’s easy to get … Continue reading

Hey man how’s it going? You all right?

Today(1) was supposed to be my third day back on the job after a … company-sponsored ‘hiatus’, and I called in sick. Partly because I was sick, somewhat—feeling nauseous at six in the morning, bare feet curled up into the legs of my sweats because it was two degrees outside and the bathroom floor was … Continue reading

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