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haven’t slept in what feels like awhile, tried tonight but just lay there thinking about wf, the letter, my gracious response to the letter which, if written now, would be a little more curious, not so gracious. part of me just doesn’t understand. she can’t do this anymore because it got a little serious, maybe … Continue reading

Pinky swear I will

Haven’t been writing much at all these past several days, and whenever I do it’s not fun not enjoyable not even good. Really struggling to give a fuck about anything. Been reading this little book about suicide and in one chapter it breaks down in graph form exactly who is most at risk on the … Continue reading

School / Paging Doctor K

Recently, I received a letter from Alegent Health confirming that I will not be attending Radiology school this fall. Want to lie and say it doesn’t affect me, that I saw it coming (which I did) and I’m totally over it (which I’m not), but the truth is I spent about an hour yesterday flopped … Continue reading

You’re a great person, but I should stop here

Haven’t been in town for a few days. Decided that it might be nice to get away, which, when I think about it, is a funny notion — because all of the things I want to get away from are impossible to escape. I can’t step out of my body, can’t leave it behind in … Continue reading

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