This is your life

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Saturday, February 8 A quiet night. I dozed the previous evening, wasn’t aware of Mom’s leaving. Rita, the night nurse, was in early this morning to draw blood and push meds through my PICC line. Felt strange. I could feel the saline push move through the line into my chest a little bit. Felt like … Continue reading

Degrees removed

DEGREES REMOVED It was late Sunday evening when I finally left CF’s house. The sun had fallen an hour earlier and taken the warm weather down with it, to the point that hanging out on the front porch I could almost see my breath. The air smelled damp and of wood smoke, of old fires … Continue reading

You are special, pt. 4

In this bedroom-turned-office there was an open doorway in the far western wall, nestled in the corner—the entrance to a small walk-in closet, I guessed. The folding doors had been replaced by a canvas drape the color of Dijon mustard. It never seemed to stir, even when outside the air gathered into a breeze—always the … Continue reading

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