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Conversations with Doctor K, II

“I had a sinkful of dishes, and I’d put them out on the counter on a towel like I do when I’m getting ready to wash them … and I did that three days ago,” I said, laughing afterward. “You did what now?” “I did it three days ago. I was going to wash dishes, … Continue reading

They all fall down

You could hear the disapproval in Nurse Geri’s voice this morning when you called to report your symptoms. She had wanted to know how many tablets of azathioprine you were on now, and she asked this question by repeating the most recent notes in your patient file. “Back in August it looks like you were … Continue reading

You are special, pt. 3

Once during our conversation I mentioned I’d been writing about our encounters. Doctor K seemed pleased by this. He wanted to know why, what purpose it served me. “I do it for a couple reasons,” I said. “One is that it’s kind of like flexing my muscles—keeping these journals helps me as a writer. I’m … Continue reading

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