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Conversations with Doctor K, II

“I had a sinkful of dishes, and I’d put them out on the counter on a towel like I do when I’m getting ready to wash them … and I did that three days ago,” I said, laughing afterward. “You did what now?” “I did it three days ago. I was going to wash dishes, … Continue reading

Conversations with Doctor K

“The WF thing,” I said, sounding disgusted, “that’s a fucking joke.” “What happened there?” “So we’ve been sending messages back and forth for months, right, and toward the end they were getting long and we were basically trading anecdotes, stories about our lives. It was pretty harmless, but she knew I liked her and I … Continue reading

Degrees removed

DEGREES REMOVED It was late Sunday evening when I finally left CF’s house. The sun had fallen an hour earlier and taken the warm weather down with it, to the point that hanging out on the front porch I could almost see my breath. The air smelled damp and of wood smoke, of old fires … Continue reading


“Yeah, and that’s the problem because—” “Whether they’ll respond positively or not, I don’t know. Maybe—” “—and, well, the entire idea of street photography is to catch people in a candid way.” “—hypersensitive to ‘stranger danger’ and—” “Yeah, well. Long story short: I don’t take pictures anymore. I write. And that’s pretty much the most … Continue reading

Down in a hole

I was trying to help Doctor K understand, and I’d come up with a pretty good analogy for it—so good I suddenly felt the warm and tinglies, and I believe my soul may have smiled a little. “It’s like a huge hole, all the way down into the earth—miles and miles down. Well, on those … Continue reading


“… and this is cliché, but it’s kind of like clouds,” I said. “In what way?” “Sometimes the sky will be dark and full of them, you know, and those are the really bad times, the days when I’m in a really bad place and, and … that’s when I can’t stop thinking about it—dying. … Continue reading

You are special, pt. 4

In this bedroom-turned-office there was an open doorway in the far western wall, nestled in the corner—the entrance to a small walk-in closet, I guessed. The folding doors had been replaced by a canvas drape the color of Dijon mustard. It never seemed to stir, even when outside the air gathered into a breeze—always the … Continue reading

You are special, pt. 3

Once during our conversation I mentioned I’d been writing about our encounters. Doctor K seemed pleased by this. He wanted to know why, what purpose it served me. “I do it for a couple reasons,” I said. “One is that it’s kind of like flexing my muscles—keeping these journals helps me as a writer. I’m … Continue reading

You are special, pt. 2

Early on, our conversation centered around value. I told Doctor K I rarely felt valued these days. And though it was true, an honest assessment of how I felt, it wasn’t something I liked to openly admit. It always sounded bad, whiny—has, I think, a tendency to evoke groans and eye-rolling in other people. It’s … Continue reading

You are special, pt. 1

Another Friday session with Doctor K. It was only my third, and maybe I should have lowered my expectations of treatment, but from our talks I was beginning to get an awful feeling of being adrift, lost, without direction. There didn’t seem to be much of an agenda. Every session I entered the room and … Continue reading

My heroin my hatred

Had an appointment with Doctor K again today. It didn’t start off too well, I don’t think. I sat waiting in the lobby until five after, trying hard to keep all the thoughts about how I felt I was being conned, scammed, out of my head. Then at 2:05 he strolls in, fresh off the … Continue reading

School / Paging Doctor K

Recently, I received a letter from Alegent Health confirming that I will not be attending Radiology school this fall. Want to lie and say it doesn’t affect me, that I saw it coming (which I did) and I’m totally over it (which I’m not), but the truth is I spent about an hour yesterday flopped … Continue reading

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